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2016-06-28 PROGRAM UPDATE – 5.000 / 7

News in this patch:

  • Error in report 34000 fixed
  • Minor changes in the program
  • Several corrections to texts.


2016-05-26 PROGRAMUPDATE – 5.000 / 6

News in this patch:

  • Summary of currency by group on report 34000 and 34150
  • Treated area can be seen on report 30600
  • Changes in more reports (eg. long field codes are shown)
  • New units in card files (“number” in main product and “mth” (motor hours) in machinery)
  • Observations done in Agrinavia MOBILE can be seen in Agrinavia MAP Online version
  • Minor changes in the program.

News in this patch for Polish customers:

  • Changes in the dialog Cadastrals (information of “Proecological element” and disconnection of area columns)
  • Some changes in report 90200
  • Field code on report 90100 instead of number
  • Active substances are shown on report 31000, 34000 and 34150
  • Possibility for Google Maps in Agrinavia MAP Online version. Please contact AGRINAVIA POLSKA  A/S to get access.

News in version 5.000. Date: 18.02.2014

  • Several corrections to the reports, eg. more space for long field names
  • Some performance optimization of the program
  • A new report 49500 Eight-year liming plan is created 
  • Report 30600 treatments is corrected when using partial treatments.

 News in version 4.000. Date: 30.05.2013

  • It is possible to access field data on smartphone/tablet eExtra module to license. Contact your supplier for further information)
  • Performance in report module is improved
  • Option to add your own logo on reports
  • Several bug fixes for the program and reports
  • Facilities to patch the program with (minor) updates.

News in version 3.001. Date:  07.12.2011

  • Installation process is improved

News in version 3.000. Date:  17.11.2011

  • Possibility for Polish norms

News in version 2.103. Date:  08.09.2011

  • Language adjusted

News in version 2.100. Date:  09.03.2011

  • Polish language adjusted