Agrinavia MOBILE

With Agrinavia MOBILE it is very easy to register all the work you do in the field. For instance, use your mobile phone’s GPS and camera to make records of weeds, rocks and drainage – “GPS Observation“.

You no longer need to remember to bring pen an paper, when you work in the field to fertilize, drill, spray etc. Daily working life has become much easier, when it comes to both overview, documentation and registration of work in the field.

For Agrinavia FIELD and Agrinavia MAP you can buy advanced MOBILE editions enabling you to enter data while standing in the field. You can also see already entered data on the spot, if for example you are wondering about a specific treament or orther relevant information. 

Agrinavia MOBILE


Agrinavia MOBILE is a web application (app) that works across multiple platforms – this means on all mobile phones (smartphone), tablets and PC’s. Online access to data is part of the solution – you can always retrieve your field and farm data from Agrinavia FIELD or Agrinavia MAP (via the Internet) to your mobile phone/tablet and across multiple users.


Agrinavia MOBILE can be used as an independent product creating your field plan and making records of the various treatments carried out in the field. Agrinavia MOBILE can also be used as an extension of the PC version of Agrinavia FIELD and Agrinavia MAP providing you with quick and easy access to all your data on your mobile phone.

Your benefits are:

  • You are always assured 100% updated field data, both between multiple users and between PC program and MOBILE app
  • You can decide and edit, who should have access
  • You are always assured backup
  • You get a closer and more efficient cooperation with your consultant
  • Module for GPS Observation.

Facilities in Agrinavia MOBILE:

  • Field Plan – you have the opportunity to see the actual field level but also switch between different harvests
  • Field Map – you always have your field maps at the end of your fi
    Agrinavia MOBILE GPS
  • GPS – use the mobile phone’s GPS to make records of stones, weeds and drainage
  • Camera – you can take pictures with your mobile phone directly from Agrinavia MOBILE
  • Fertilizer Plan – view and edit your current fertilizer plan
  • Spraying Plan – view and edit your current application plan
  • Transcripts – you have the opportunity to view selected prints and send them by e-mail
  • Field Map – you can access your field maps in Agrinavia MOBILE
  • Worksheets – in the office you create worksheets in Agrinavia FIELD, which you can send directly to your employees’ mobile phone
  • Mixing Information – ensures that you always have the right tank mix of crop protection in your sprayer
  • Stock – all totals can be corrected on your mobile phone in terms of amount, data and status. The same way as in Agrinavia FIELD on your PC.

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Download the MOBILE app 

Once acquired access to the MOBILE solution from Agrinavia, we recommend downloading the Agrinavia MOBILE app on App Store or Google Play to achieve an easier startup and a faster internet connection. This will be free of charge.

About the online version of Agrinavia FIELD

An internet connection is required for you to work in Agrinavia MOBILE or online in Agrinavia FIELD and Agrinavia MAP.

The speed of your internet connection is crucial to how quickly Agrinavia programs can work online on your PC.

About Agrinavia MOBILE

Internet connection required via smartphone, tablet or PC (wireless, cable or WIFI).

Data subscription must be part of your mobile subscription in order to use the application on your mobile phone.

The amount of downloaded data on a typical farm is relatively small when the program is running (there is no heavy pages or graphics).


Agrinavia MOBILE is available in the following languages: