Use ‘GPS Observation’ Together with Your Mobile Phone!

Agrinavia GPS Observation is part of the Agrinavia MOBILE app. Using the GPS and camera in your mobile phone, you can register an observation in the field and add a comment or a photograph – all directly on the phone. For instance, you can make records of weeds, rocks and drainage.

Simple Usability

In the GPS Observation module, the interface is kept simple and easy. This is an important element when standing in the field – you do not want a complicated system that takes time to open or needs many clicks to carry out the observation. In the Agrinavia GPS Observation the observations/records are shown as clear symbols on the map representing different types of observations. An observation can also be registered as a point or a line.

Furthermore, the GPS Observation module also has a manual facility, where you have the possibility to enter an observation just by pointing directly on the map on the screen with your finger. In this facility, you can also measure distances and areas just by pointing on the map.

Examples of how to use Agrinavia GPS Observation:

  • Make records of drainage, wells and rocks in the field and you will have no problem finding them again.
  • Take a photograph and geotag it – then you can easily return to the spot to see development in for instance crops or pests.
  • Document weeds to follow the spread or decrease per season or yearly – by only treating the problem areas, you will save time as well as money on plant protection.
  • You will always know which exactly field you are working, e.g. standing in.
  • Observations can be shown and edited in Agrinavia MAP.

Since the program is in your mobile phone, you will have the information with you always and it can work as an extra digital memory. Every observation is equally stored directly in the ‘Cloud’ and therefore you do not have to worry about losing the observation data.

You have the possibility to use this GPS Observation module as a stand-alone app without access to other facilities in Agrinavia MOBILE. This will reduce the annual subscription costs. If you are you already working in Agrinavia MOBILE, it is very quick and easy to acquire access to the extra Observation Module.


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