Time to Check Drainage in the Field

The season calls for inspection of your field drains – do they function properly, is it time to lay new ones and exactly where in the field are they located?

Using the GPS in your mobile phone, you can easily log the location of your field drains and register exactly in which field you are standing. This means, you have an accurate mapping, that you can rely on and return to, when it is time to inspect the drains.

With Agrinavia MOBILE and the GPS Observation module you are well on your way and the work in the field is so much easier.

Furthermore, you have the field and map data directly on your mobile phone, meaning you have access wherever and whenever.

Digitize your Drain Maps

Do you want to save even more time when working in the field? Then we recommend working with digitized drain maps. By doing so, you have access to the maps on PC, mobile phone and tablet. You can retrieve the map, wherever you are, also in the field. You will get rid of the hassle of working with an old-fashioned paper drain map. Your maps are easy accessible, and all map data are stored in Agrinavia MAP.

We can help you digitize the old paper maps.