Collaboration with Geoteam and Trimble

Providing an extra service to users of the Agrinavia field management programs, the company Agrinavia has entered cooperation with the Danish company Geoteam. Geoteam sells Trimble precision equipment to the farming industry. Due to this collaboration a direct connection between several of the Agrinavia programs and the Trimble screen installed in the cab of the tractor is now a reality. This means improvement of efficiency and time.

As part of precision farming, application maps for the sowing machine, the sprayer or fertilizer spreader are used on an increasing number of farms. The application map is easily prepared in the Agrinavia MAP program. Once this task is carried out, you can simply click in the program and send the map data directly to the tractor’s Trimble screen. The connection between the map program and the screen means, that saving the data to an USB flash drive and remember to bring it with you in the field is now the past.

Explains Birger Hartmann, Agrinavia: ‘We have developed the solution based on an increasing need of the farmer, namely that various digital solutions used on the farm must work together to avoid annoyance and the work being too time consuming.

Agrinavia MAP works together with Trimble screens, which are prepared for the ‘Trimble’s Connected Farm’.

Install Agrinavia MOBILE on your Trimble screen!

Yet another facility – based on the collaboration with Geoteam – will be launched later this year . Using the Agrinavia MOBILE app, you can always retrieve your field data on the mobile phone – also in the field and sitting on the tractor. However, now you can also install the MOBILE app directly on the Trimble screen. Sitting in the cab of the tractor the farmer must only use and look at one screen, when the automatic steering system / the Trimble screen AND Agrinavia MOBILE are being used simultaneously.

If you wish to use Agrinavia MOBILE on the Trimble screen, you need only to open App Central on the screen and search for Agrinavia MOBILE in the app list.

Concludes Birger Hartmann: ‘Important for us as a company is obviously to offer new possibilities and solutions to the individual field grower, solutions that provide efficient tools and value for money. That includes entering cooperation with external partners such as this’.

Ealier this year Agrinavia entered cooperation with Atfarm.

For more information please contact Birger Hartmann, tel. +45 7020 3311, e-mail: birger.hartmann@datalogisk.dkHenrik Nissen (GeoTeam), tel +45 5131 4228, e-mail: