Agrinavia introduces new solutions in Serbia

May 21, 2024, Agrinavia is part of the Danish Pavilion at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia. Fair in Novi Sad is one of the biggest fairs in in Southeastern Europe with more than 120.000 visitors. The fair provides an unique opportunity for Danish companies to introduce Danish solutions and products whilst also[…]

Improve Your Spring Fertilization – Free Use

Winter is a good time to plan a variable fertilizer application for the upcoming season. Using the CropManager program, all you need to do is prepare a preliminary fertilization plan in the Agrinavia Management program and then apply it in CropManager. In CropManager you create precise application maps for spraying, fertilizing, and seeding. This is[…]

2023 Solutions for Optimizing Production

During 2023 you have been informed about facilities in our management program that help you achieve more efficiency, optimize resources, and have a developing production. Below you can read about the facilities and programs that we have had a special focus on this year. Get excited for 2024! But first let us introduce CropManager. The[…]

Update of Agrinavia December

We have planned to update the Agrinavia programs on Thursday, December 7th 2023. Agrinavia Management  Agrinavia MAP  Agrinavia MOBILE Because of the update, there will be limited access to Agrinavia MANAGEMENT and Agrinavia MOBILE between 05:00 and 09:00 (UTC+01

Maximum yield with minimum dosage

Get excited for 2024 In the new year Agrinavia is launching the CropManager program internationally. The program, which already has proven a valid and effective tool among Danish farmers, is an easy way to start carrying out precision farming in your fields. Based on satelite photos and biomass maps CropManager helps you with decision making,[…]

Work Smarter with Job Sheets

Do you want to be sure that all jobs are done? And done correctly? The Job Sheet module in Agrinavia FIELD is your tool for easy planning, overview and assigning jobs, both in and outside the field. It is your guarantee, that every single job on the farm gets done – nothing is forgotten and[…]

NEW! Soil Samples on Mobile Phone

Is it time for you to take soil samples in the field? Why not log them on your mobile phone? Then you have knowledge of the precise location where the sample is taken. Also, you have the possibility to create a document listing the various analyses, you wish to have carried out. With the new[…]

Save Time During Harvest with GPS tracking

Another easy-to-use facility during harvest season is the GPS facility in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. Using the mobile’s GPS, you locate a certain vehicle in the field or elsewhere. The solution secures knowledge sharing, prevents misunderstandings, optimizes the driving in the field, and you save valuable time. Once sitting in the vehicle, you open the MOBILE[…]

Clever Harvest Solution – Crop Stock for Mobile

The busy harvest season is approaching. However, you still have time to get familiar with a few facilities in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. These will help you optimize time and resources during and after harvest. The Crop Stock facility is one of those solutions. Registration, Documentation, and Overview With the MOBILE app and Crop Stock[…]