Optimize Production with Solutions of 2022

This year we were able to travel the country and meet customers and business partners. This was very much appreciated. Most recently we were at the Agromek Agricultural Fair in Herning, Denmark, where we got a lot of positive feedback. Throughout the year we communicate about Agrinavia facilities – new and old – so you can[…]

Meet Us at Agromek Argricultural Fair

Agrinavia is participating in this year’s Agromek Agricultural Fair 29 November – 2 December 2022 in Herning, Denmark. The fair counts as Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair. Normally the fair takes place every second year, however it has been 4 years since the last fair in Herning. Our team are looking forward to presenting the[…]

Simple and Effective Precision Farming

There is an easy and simple way to achieve the many benefits of working smarter and more precise in your fields. It does not involve investing in highly expensive and heavy machinery. Creating application maps in the Agrinavia MAP program to import into the software of the fertilizer, sprayer or sowing machine is an effective[…]

Update of Agrinavia MANAGEMENT

We have planned to update the Agrinavia programs on Thursday, October 27th 2022. News in this update: Agrinavia FIELDS Several minor corrections Agrinavia Maps Possibility of importing Analysis data from Shape files Handling Analysis data as polygons Auto color for scale has been made Import of EM38 data Models to generate aplication maps and files[…]

Unsure of Your Strategy? Get help from Agrinavia

Did you decide on a fertilizer strategy for next harvest year? This can be a difficult task since product and crop prices fluctuate daily. What if you could calculate how various strategies effect your economy and other parameters? And without having to change your original field plan? This you can do within the Scenario facility,[…]

Keeping track using Agrinavia GPS facility

Stop wasting valuable time during harvest You achieve knowledge about your co-worker’s position in the field and share you own when using the GPS tracking facility. Once sitting in the tractor or harvester you open the Agrinavia MOBILE app and log your position, giving your colleagues the possibility to know where you are and vice versa. During[…]

Download CLAAS Yield Data in Agrinavia MAP!

Remember that you can download yield data from the CLAAS harvester (with TELEMATICS software) in the Agrinavia MAP program – with just a few clicks. Just save the yield data in the MAP program together with all you other field data and without using USB stick. This is a big advantage and significantly timesaving. After[…]

Crop Stock with Mobile – 10 Advantages

Using the Agrinavia MOBILE app and the Crop Stock facility you can register all harvest data on the mobile phone ‘on location’. For instance, out in the field and at the weighing. You do not have to go back to the office, where follow-up and calculations can be difficult only from memory and paper notes.[…]

Optimizing Your Harvest with Agrinavia MOBILE

Using the Agrinavia MOBILE app on your mobile phone, you will have accurate knowledge, overview, and documentation – all at the same time. This means the best management possible and ultimately a successful harvest. These facilities in Agrinavia MOBILE are useful when harvesting: GPS tracking “share your position” Crop Stock OPTIMIZER Where are My Colleagues?[…]