Crop Stock on Mobile Phone – 10 Advantages

Agrinavia MOBILE app makes the busy harvest season much easier for you as a farmer as well as more efficient. Using our facility Crop Stock in the Agrinavia MOBILE app you will experience efficiency, overview, and easy follow-up both during and after harvest season. The Crop Stock facility makes it possible to register all data on[…]

Harvest with Agrinavia – Knowledge and Accuracy

Would you like an efficient harvest based on knowledge, overview, and accurate figures? Using Agrinavia field management to bring in the harvest, you can be sure to have overview, status, and documentation both during and after harvest time. Also, follow-up and further work and planning will be much easier and simple. All harvest data are[…]

Buying Agrinavia means buying a strong support!

Support is certainly a big part of the Agrinavia portfolio. When buying an Agrinavia program or module, you can be sure to get help and guidance before purchase, during installation and not least after the program is up and running. If you encounter problems or have questions regarding technique, facilities, regulations etc. you just call[…]

Agrinavia MOBILE – New App Icons

You can download the Agrinavia MOBILE app both from App Store and Google Play. Also, we have recently created new app icons making it easy to find the right version of the app, whether it be the Danish, Swedish, Polish, or international/English version. Marked with each their national flag they are easy recognizable – this[…]