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Winter is a good time to plan a variable fertilizer application for the upcoming season. Using the CropManager program, all you need to do is prepare a preliminary fertilization plan in the Agrinavia Management program and then apply it in CropManager.

In CropManager you create precise application maps for spraying, fertilizing, and seeding. This is an easy way to start carrying out precision farming. Based on satellite photos and generated biomass maps, CropManager helps you with decision making. This ultimately leads to savings and best practice for your crops. Try it yourself free of charge! See down below

The Power of Variable Fertilizer Application

The CropManager program allows you to apply different amounts of fertilizer in a specific part of the field according to condition and needs.

Areas in need (weak biomass) receive a higher dosage of nitrogen and those with good health (dense biomass) receive proportionally less. Based on this information, it is easy to generate the optimal application map to use in the fertilizer. Different application models can be used during growing season.

The right application map will optimize and reduce the use of nitrogen as well as improve crop quality and yield, which equals a better economy.

The Benefits of Using CropManager:

  • You adjust the amount and type of fertilizers to the needs of crops, soil, and climatic conditions.
  • Costs can be saved by reducing fertilizer and fuel consumption.
  • You reduce the risk of over-fertilization or nutrient deficiency, which affect crops and soil health.
  • The natural environment can be improved by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution.

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