Update of Agrinavia March

Wednesday, March 6th 2024 we have updated the Agrinavia programs – see the updates below.

Agrinavia Management 

  • NEW: Applying jobsheets to John Deere Operation center
  • Automatic calculation of nitrogen – residual in new crop year
  • Simplified selection of jobsheet in treatment
  • Automatic generates new fieldplan when creating new crop year
  • Making job sheets for other activities than field treatments
  • Presenting active substance in plantprotection products in stock management module
  • Option ti replace “Reason of use” with product notes
  • Automatic calculation of nitrogen utilization in organic fertilizer (spring/autumn)
  • Updated information on application of CaO
  • Extra information about cadastrals in report 90230
  • Enhanced report on fulfillment of Echo Schemes
  • Presentation of fulfillment on regulation on nitogen application
  • Improved performance when opening new farm unit
  • More options when sharing data
  • No more “dubble clicks” are needed. Just single click when selects
  • Minor changes

Agrinavia MAP 

  • Enhanced import function of soil sampling data (Excel and shape formats)
  • Printing “total applied” on printed applications
  • New application model for applying CaO
  • Import and export of “as applied” files
  • Improved performance when opening new job
  • Improved import of soil sampling data
  • Minor changes

Agrinavia MOBILE

  • For stand alone users it’s possible to create own crops in field plan
  • Easy guiding to select field on map
  • Filter unproductive fields/crops
  • Minor changes