Agrinavia FIELD

Efficient field management ensures more money in your pocket. This is the reality for most farmers. Precise field planning, scenario calculations and a close follow up, are all elements that the farmer needs to maximize profits.

Today management is vital part of modern agriculture. Whether you run a small or larger farm, work as an agricultural contractor or share use of implements/machinery with your neighbors, a management program like Agrinavia FIELD is the tool for an efficient operation.

Acquire the program yourself or in cooperation with your consultant and prepare your field planning for the entire year.


The program is constantly being expanded with new modules preparing you for the future. Among our popular modules are the MOBILE Solution hosting data online (making it easy to share data with your consultant), Worksheet, Inventory and Investment in Machinery.

Using Agrinavia FIELD you can:

  • Select whether you want to work with your own database or to have access to all of your field data via online server (this means having access to your field data wherever you are, including on the mobile phone in the field)
  • Make a detailed cultivation strategy and registration


  • Make your fertilizer planning
  • Create your documentation on use of plant protections
  • Merge more farms or varios fields (Cluster Fields) into one field plan
  • Print reports for subsidy applications
  • Update areas with Agrinavia MAP.

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Modules in Agrinavia FIELD:

  • Agrinavia MOBILE and online data
  • Access to several holdings
  • Access to more users
  • Investment in Machinery
  • Worksheet
  • Inventory Management of organic fertilizers, plant protection, harvested crops (Crop Stock)
  • Purchase / Sale of organic fertilizer.

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Learn more about Agrinavia FIELD in our brochure and manual


Agrinavia FIELD is available in the following languages: