’Cluster’ make work on the farm a lot easier!

It is a well-known problem, that a lot of large field areas, that are either own or driven by the same person or company, are divided into smaller fields because of previous structure, regulatory requirements and documentation. However, this fragmented division quite often complicates the daily work on farm and a lot of workflows are more time consuming than necessary. Agrinavia has dealt with this problem, and thus we have implemented a new feature ‘Cluster’ in our Agrinavia FIELD program.

‘Cluster’ basically means that the farmer or the operating farm manager can merge several fields into one (= ‘Cluster’) in the field management program. You can work with them as one field, when it comes to field planning, sowing, spraying, harvest etc.

Helps the farmer

If you have five fields to manage, it can be an advantage to merge the fields administratively. However, if you have up to 15 different fields to handle, each on which the work in the field needs to be planned and carried out, there is a lot of time to be saved by only handling one cluster of fields. Furthermore, it creates a much better overview of the day to day work on the farm.

Fields can be merged into ‘Clusters’ across farms, owners or crops. And if the farmer has several different fields, that are geographically far apart, these can be administratively merged into Clusters as well.

You can work with ‘Cluster’ on some of the levels mentioned above, and then at the same time work with individual smaller fields on other of the mentioned levels depending on the problem in the field.

Benefits of working with ‘Cluster’ for you:

  • Save time
  • Efficient workflows
  • Better overview
  • More flexibility

These benefits can ultimately lead to a better economy on the farm.