Work Smarter with Job Sheets

Do you want to be sure that all jobs are done? And done correctly? The Job Sheet module in Agrinavia FIELD is your tool for easy planning, overview and assigning jobs, both in and outside the field. It is your guarantee, that every single job on the farm gets done – nothing is forgotten and[…]

NEW! Soil Samples on Mobile Phone

Is it time for you to take soil samples in the field? Why not log them on your mobile phone? Then you have knowledge of the precise location where the sample is taken. Also, you have the possibility to create a document listing the various analyses, you wish to have carried out. With the new[…]

Save Time During Harvest with GPS tracking

Another easy-to-use facility during harvest season is the GPS facility in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. Using the mobile’s GPS, you locate a certain vehicle in the field or elsewhere. The solution secures knowledge sharing, prevents misunderstandings, optimizes the driving in the field, and you save valuable time. Once sitting in the vehicle, you open the MOBILE[…]

Clever Harvest Solution – Crop Stock for Mobile

The busy harvest season is approaching. However, you still have time to get familiar with a few facilities in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. These will help you optimize time and resources during and after harvest. The Crop Stock facility is one of those solutions. Registration, Documentation, and Overview With the MOBILE app and Crop Stock[…]

Update of Agrinavia July

We have planned to update the Agrinavia programs on Thursday, July 6th 2023. Agrinavia Management  Agrinavia MAP  Agrinavia MOBILE Because of the update, there will be limited access to Agrinavia MANAGEMENT and Agrinavia MOBILE between 05:00 and 09:00 (UTC+01) Best regards Agrinavia Tlf.: +45 70 20 33 11 E-mail:

Easy Documentation with CLAAS and Agrinavia

When using the data exchange facility between CLAAS TELEMATIC software and Agrinavia MAP, you will never have doubts as to where and how much is harvested in your fields. The CLAAS TELEMATIC software is installed in both the forage and combine harvester. What To Do?You enter the Agrinavia MAP program and download the yield data from the software[…]

Update of Agrinavia June

We are planning an update the Agrinavia programs on Tuesday, June 20th 2023. IMPORTANT! – NEW UPDATE PROCEDURE The procedure for implementing new updates in the programs will change in the future. The first time it will take a little longer than usual, but afterwards it will be faster to implement program updates. Agrinavia FIELD […]

Did You Know of Cluster? Easy Field Planning

Did you know that you can gather various fields in a Cluster and reduce several working processes? And did you know that you can exchange field data between Agrinavia MAP and CLAAS TELEMATIC software in the forage and combine harvester? Cluster Fields Ensure Efficiency and Overview ‘Cluster’ means that you can merge several fields into one[…]

The Optimal Fertilizer Plan with Agrinavia

In Agrinavia FIELD you have a facility called Scenarios. Using this facility, you can create an unlimited number of alternative scenarios and compare them with your original field plan. In times when especially fertilizer and crop prices change daily, calculating how different strategies effect the economy and other parameters is an invaluable resource as your work[…]

Agrinavia MOBILE Does the Work for You!

With Agrinavia MOBILE app on your mobile phone it is very easy to plan, register and document all your work in and outside the field. Using the app, you will have an overview of your production whenever you need it. This equals flexibility and therefore the app saves you both time, money, and resources. Creating[…]