A MOBILE Solution Is the Way Forward in the Field!

Agrinavia MOBILE update

A series of new features and possibilities have been added to the Agrinavia MOBILE program. We want to make sure, that the program meets your daily needs and continues to make life easier for you.

The program (web application) works together with Agrinavia FIELD and Agrinavia MAP, however, it can also be used individually. Using Agrinavia MOBILE on your mobile phone or tablet together with the field management programs, means you have access to all your field data stored in Agrinavia FIELD and MAP as well as having the possibility to enter new data on the spot.

News in the program:

  • Color updates and several new icons have been implemented to make the interface more user friendly.
  • Using your phone’s GPS and camera you can make records of weeds, rocks and drainage, so-called ‘Observations’. However, as a new facility you can now create an Observation manually and without the GPS. Having your field map in front of you on your mobile phone, you can press the screen with your finger and create the ‘Observation’. You can also draw and measure various distances and areas in the field just by using your finger. This is all quick and simple.
  • If you choose a specific field in Agrinavia MOBILE, you can with Google Maps installed get directions to the field. Click on the map and choose Navigation. With Navigation to the field, Observation or point you can easy find your way.
  • It is now possible for an administrator of the program to grant a user ’read only access’ to some of the functions in Agrinavia MOBILE. This means, that the user can only see the information not carry out any changes. It is motivating for an employee to keep up with various field data, however ‘read only access’ prevents him from accidently deleting data.
  • Products can be changed for multiple treatments simultaneously via the ‘Count Dialog’. For instance, if you have decided on a specific product for treatments in the field but want to change the product once you are in the field, it is possible to change the product for all the treatments at the same time on your phone.
  • Facilities to change login- and contact information in the program. E.g. forgotten passwords can now be changed on your mobile, e-mail-address and other contact information can be changed as well.
  • New module Agrinavia OPTIMIZER for calculating optimal tracks in a field.
  • New storage module for handling crop stocks (connected with Agrinavia Fields).