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Here will be a description of Datalogisk cookie policy
1. Owner information

This website is provided by:

Datalogisk A/S
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2. Cookies
Declaration of cookies used on Datalogisk websites including subsidiaries and associated companies.

Purpose of cookies used        Internal/1st party External/3rd partyPurpose of cookies used        Internal/1st party External/3rd partyTechnical functionality                Yes        YesTraffic measurement        No YesAd execution (frequency, user tracking etc.) No NoBehaviour based, individually targetted ad placement No No

Datalogisk websites including those for subsidiaries and associated companies use cookies for the purposes specified in the above schema.

Cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application. Your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) then sends these cookies back to the website or application on each subsequent visit so that they can recognise you and remember things like personalised details or user preferences.

Cookies are very useful and do lots of different jobs which help to make your experience on websites as smooth as possible. For example, they let you move between web pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improving your experience. They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

They are referred to as session or persistent cookies, depending on how long they are used:
Session cookies only last for your online session and disappear from your computer or device when you close your browser.
Persistent cookies stay on your computer or device after the browser has been closed and last for the period of time specified in the cookie. These persistent cookies are activated each time you visit the site where the cookie was generated.

Cookies used on this website:

Google Analytics (traffic measurement)

Datalogisk websites uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure the amount of traffic on here.

You can opt out cookies from Google Analytics here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

2.1 Cookie storage
Cookies delete themselves after approx. 23 days but are renewed at each visit to this website.

2.2 Managing cookies
Most modern browsers will allow you to:
See what cookies you’ve got and delete them on an individual basis.
Block third party cookies.
Block cookies from particular sites.
Block all cookies from being set.
Delete all cookies when you close your browser.

You should be aware that any preferences will be lost if you delete cookies. Ironically, this includes where you have opted out from cookies, as this requires an opt-out cookie to be set. Also, if you block cookies completely many websites will not work properly and some functionality on these websites will not work at all. We do not recommend turning cookies off when using our website for these reasons.

If you are primarily concerned about third party cookies generated by advertisers, you can turn these off separately.

The links below take you to the ‘Help’ sections for each of the major browsers so that you can find out more about how to manage your cookies.
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Safari iOS
3. Use of personal information
We will never pass on personally identifiable information about you to any third party, unless you give us explicit permission to do so. We will never collect personal information unless you have given us this information on registration, purchase or via survey participation etc. We regularly collect name, address, zip code, email and phone number through these other channels, but never through cookies or tracking.

3.2 Protection of personal information

In accordance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data your information must be stored securely and confidentially. We store your information on computers with restricted access placed in controlled facilities. Our security precautions are continously controlled to ensure a responsible handling of this data. We cannot, however, guarantee a 100 percent safety when transfering data over the internet. This means that there is a risk that someone may unjustly gain access to information when transfered and stored electronically. Giving your information is at your own risk.

The fast pace at which the internet is evolving means that changes in our treatment of personal information may become necessary. Therefore we reserve the right to change the current guidelines for treatment of personal information. In case of substantial changes we will notify you via the frontpage of this website.