Agrinavia Helps Plant Producers Getting Ahead with Precision Farming

20 Danish farmers are participating in a project with the aim to further enhance and develop precision farming as a cultivation system. Agrinavia is involved in the process and guides customers on the way based on the experience and knowledge, that the company already has within this technical area. The project is initiated and managed by the Danish government.

Agrinavia MAP

First and foremost, Agrinavia contributes to the development of application maps in the Agrinavia MAP program. The application map, that is to be used in the sprayer, seeder or fertilizer spreader, is the central element for a modulated allocation of chemistry, sowing seeds and nutrients in the field.

Furthermore, the Agrinavia customers will also work with the newly developed WeedMaps* camera. The camera automatically detects weed in the field, and is developed in a cooperation between Agrinavia and the Danish company AgroIntelli. Free access to the online data analysis platform FieldSense is also part of the package. It helps the farmers to optimize their production using satellite images and digital tools.

Pilot Scheme That Makes Sense

Says Birger Hartmann, Agrinavia: The project is on a trial basis, and we are very happy to participate. It makes a good and relevant platform for knowledge sharing and doing something extraordinary for our customers. They will be prepared for the future and equipped with the newest technology and knowhow. They will be getting ahead and taking part in visionary thinking as well as having access to new tools and programs.’

7 out of the 20 project participants are Agrinavia customers. Currently there has been very positive feedback from the farmers, who are looking forward to learning and optimizing their agricultural production.

The overall aim of the precision farming project is to achieve a production method that will have a positive effect on the environment and helps meet regulations.


*Camera and an app for smartphone and tablet. The camera detects and registers the amount of weed in the field. The data are automatically transferred to the Agrinavia MAP program. Subsequently the weed registrations are converted into at application map. This map can be used in the sprayer when treating the weed and only where the need actually is.