An Absolut Agreement!

The production of winter wheat for producing the famous Absolut Vodka has to be sustainable. First and foremost, this means minimizing the impact on the environment. Agrinavia will contribute to that overall goal. The Danish based company enter into a cooperation agreement with Swedish The Absolut Company, which distills and produces Absolut Vodka.

‘As an agricultural based company, environmental issues are not only important for us – they are essential components for a continued growth and success’, says Johan Blixt, Director of Purchasing at The Absolut Company. The company has developed a production method that optimizes the quality of the wheat and at the same time minimizes the use of fertilizer and pesticides in the field.

The winter wheat is sourced only from local farmers keeping the transport to the production site as short as possible and thereby minimizing the emission of CO2 gas. To secure the right amount of fertilizer and pesticides used in the fields – as well as the right handling – the Swedish farmers have to document their work. This will now happen in the online programs Agrinavia FIELD and Agrinavia MOBILE. Furthermore, Agrinavia is responsible for delivering ongoing and updated material regarding guidelines and demands when producing winter wheat.

When distributing the famous vodka worldwide the preferred way of transport is shipping in order to minimize the emission of CO2 gas and keeping the environmental impact low.

Says Director Birger Hartmann, Agrinavia: ‘We are a well-known and respected player on the Swedish market, and our new agreement with The Absolut Company reflects that. We are very much looking forward to starting the new cooperation.


For further information, please contact director Birger Hartmann, Agrinavia, telephone +457020 3311, e-mail