Constructive Dialogue with Consultants!

Once a year Agrinvia invites Danish consultants within the plant industry to meet for an update on the Agrinavia FIELD programs. This year the meeting took place 2. October in Odense, Denmark.

About 30 consultants were present and took part in the discussions about new features in the online programs. Both challenges and efficiency were covered on the basis of the input from the guests. The opportunity to go into detail was very much appreciated.
Tells IT consultant Per Andersen: “For Agrinavia it is almost priceless to get that kind of feedback. It definitely strengthens our ongoing and future work, and makes it so much easier to target our programs to the users the best way possible”.

Scientist at Aarhus University, Denmark Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen gave the guests the opportunity to see the world from above. Rasmus is working on a new project in which a small drone plane is ‘educated’ to automatically detect and map the population of weed in the fields. This means a reduced use of herbicides as the farmer will be able to spray exactly were the need is. The plan is to launch the drone on the Danish market early next year.