Crop Stock – Register your Harvest

Agrinavia has developed a new program for mobile and tablet that makes registration of crops during and after harvest very easy. This means updated overview and information at all time. With the Agrinavia MOBILE app it is possible to enter and register the crops on various levels.

Once the crops are transported from the field you can enter the amount of crops (usually in tonnes), the field harvested and in which stock the crops will be stored, for example barley, wheat or grass seeds. These are pre-created in the system. However, it is also possible to enter and create a stock that is especially relevant for the individual farmer as well as external stocks.

The stock program can be used and operated together with Agrinavia MOBILE or as a stand-alone program. The interface and usability are kept very easy and simple. The program is available on mobile, tablet and online on PC – for now only for Danish plant breeders but later on also for Polish breeders and customers.