Efficient Harvest with New GPS Tracking Facility!

Lack of information and coordination lead to misunderstandings and waste of valuable time during a busy harvest season. Hence, the Agrinavia MOBILE app has been strengthened just in time for this summer’s harvest.

 To optimize the driving in the field, streamline workflows and improve collaboration between co-workers, Agrinavia has developed a new GPS tracking facility in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. The app is accessible both in Google Play and App Store.

The GPS Shows Your Location

Via the GPS on your mobile phone, the new facility provides knowledge as to where a certain vehicle is located in the field or elsewhere. Once sitting in the tractor, harvester or other vehicle the driver opens the MOBILE app and logs his position, giving his co-workers, e.g. other drivers, the possibility to track his position. The tracking facility will update the position of the vehicle continuously during driving, also when the phone shuts down/ is in sleep mode. However, the facility can always be turned off.

Knowledge Sharing Between Co-workers

Using the Agrinavia MOBILE app (with the same license) on several mobile phones simultaneously, information can be shared between the users. If for instance the driver of the harvester needs to know, where the tractor is located in the field in order for him to unload the crops – or vice versa – the driver has the exact information on his mobile phone, all because of the tracking facility. If you are in the office or elsewhere outside the farm, you can follow the position of the vehicle as well and help coordinate the driving in the field. Also, if a vehicle malfunctions, colleagues can come quickly and help.

The tracking facility is part of the GPS Observation module in Agrinavia MOBILE and can be used for other work in the field besides harvesting.