Maximum yield with minimum dosage

Get excited for 2024

In the new year Agrinavia is launching the CropManager program internationally. The program, which already has proven a valid and effective tool among Danish farmers, is an easy way to start carrying out precision farming in your fields. Based on satelite photos and biomass maps CropManager helps you with decision making, which ultimately leads to savings and best practice for your crops.

Working in the Crop Manager program you create precise application maps for spraying, fertilizing, and seeding. If you have created your field plan in Agrinavia FIELD, you open CropManager as a module in the field program. You choose which application map, you wish to create and on which field(s). 

Use few resources and get big effect

Danish farmer Niels Hvid Andersen have used CropManager now for several seasons. According to him it is an easy job to create application maps in CropManager. He explains: ‘The advantage of using biomass maps is that you work with new data on which you base your application map. Maybe only a couple of days old. Also, you can use the biomass map right away without any editing.

Do not miss out

The scheduled launch of CropManager is early spring of 2024. Together with the launch, we will offer you a free trial period. So, keep your eyes and ears open!