NEW camera: Find and remove weed with WeedMAPS

A newly developed camera (WeedMAPS) is capable of recognizing weed plants in the field and store data. This weed camera is now to be tested among 40 Danish farmers. New technique and software make it possible to spray with herbicides exactly where there is a close population of weeds and therefore exactly where it is needed. This means advanced precision farming.

Tractor or other machine will be equipped with the camera facing down towards the crops. The camera will then register the weeds.

With an app these records appear on your smartphone or tablet showing how big a percentage of the field is covered with weed. The information is automatically transferred to the Agrinavia FIELD MAP program, where you can process the data further. In the map program the data are converted to an application map. This map it to be used in connection with and in the camera, when you then carry out the actual weed treatment – exactly where the weed is located.

The 40 farmers will first and foremost test the camera in terms of how manageable and easy it is to use. They will provide the developers with useable feedback for their further work.

The camera is supplied to the Danish market by Agrinavia in cooperation with the Danish company Agro Intelligence. Later on export is a possibility.


Weedmaps cam

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