Optimize your Fertilization – the Simple Way!

In cooperation with the world’s leading fertilizer company Yara, Agrinavia is launching the online tool Atfarm. Atfarm – an online web app – makes simple and precise digital N-optimization available for all farmers. Combining satellite biomass imagery with Yara’s unique N-Sensor algorithms, Atfarm helps farmers and advisors to easily and quickly create optimal N-application maps for their fields.

The solution enables you to start doing precision fertilization based on a technology with more than 15 years of experience.

Precise fertilization made simple

Atfarm includes:

  • Access to images of your field from ESA Sentinel 2 satellites every 3 days
  • Atfarm analyses these satellite images with N-Sensor technology to estimate the smallest differences of biomass within the field
  • Different colours and shades show the vegatation density levels
  • Even the variability in the late crop growth stages is identified
  • Based on this biomass map the Yara N-Sensor algorithm calculates the best way and where to fertilize in the field
  • Then the application map for the spreader/sprayer is created.  

As an Agrinavia user you can both access Atfarm in the Agrinavia MAP program as well as upload your Agrinavia field maps in Atfarm making it even easier to use Atfarm.

How to use Atfarm:

  1. Contact Agrinavia or go to www.at.farm to create your fields. If you wish to export your application file to your fertilizer spreader, you will be charged 195 € per year.

  2. Overview. In just a few steps you mark, name and save your fields in the system and are ready to get started. Users of the Agrinavia MAP program can upload their fields directly in Atfarm.

  3. Analyze and plan. Using the biomass map, you will quickly be able to see, how much nitrogen the different areas in the field require. Based on Yara’s unique nitrogen models, you will get recommendations as to how you can optimize your nitrogen fertilization and how to react to growth conditions throughout the season.

  4. Export the application map. The application map is automatically created based on experiences and data from the Yara N-Sensor combined with modern satellite technology. The maps are easily exported for use in the tractor and for the spreader, which means you can fertilize with greater precision.

Atfarm allows growers to save time and resources, maximize production while minimizing the environmental impact of farming.