Unsure of Your Strategy? Get help from Agrinavia

Did you decide on a fertilizer strategy for next harvest year? This can be a difficult task since product and crop prices fluctuate daily. What if you could calculate how various strategies effect your economy and other parameters? And without having to change your original field plan?

This you can do within the Scenario facility, which you have access to when working in Agrinavia FIELD. In the program you can create as many alternative scenarios as you wish and compare them with your original field plan. For instance, if you decided to use NPK fertilizer, an alternative scenario could be to fertilize sparingly with only nitrogen hence a smaller yield.

You can also compare how various crop prices effect your economy. The field plan and the alternative scenario are shown side by side for easy comparison. If you decide on working according to the new scenario, this is easily transferred to the field plan with just one click.