Agrinavia MOBILE Does the Work for You!

With Agrinavia MOBILE app on your mobile phone it is very easy to plan, register and document all your work in and outside the field. Using the app, you will have an overview of your production whenever you need it. This equals flexibility and therefore the app saves you both time, money, and resources.

Creating Jobs Sheets

The Job Sheet module is your guarantee, that every single job on the farm gets done. It is very easy to register and assign all farm jobs in the mobile app using the module. You can see your planned jobs directly on the mobile phone no matter where you are. If in doubt about a job just do a check in Job Sheets while standing in the field. Also, you can create and change jobs directly on the mobile phone or tablet. If a new task occurs, and you want to assign this task using Job Sheets, you do not have to go back to your PC to create the job. Read more

Stock Management

If you register the purchase and use of fertilizer and chemicals on your mobile phone, you will always be 100% up to date with what is in stock. Get a status and overview without entering your warehouse. If you make changes in the online field plan, you can quick and easy get a list of what is in stock and what to order. Also, you can base the field planning on stocks, and thereby avoid having carryover stock. Read more

GPS Observation

Why not use your mobile phone’s GPS and camera to make records of weeds, rocks, drainage etc. in the field. You register an observation in the field and add a comment or a photograph – all directly on the phone. Then you will have no problem returning to the exact area and deal with the problem. Since the program is in your mobile phone, you have the information with you always. Every observation is stored directly in the ’Cloud’ and therefore you do not have to worry about losing data. Read more

For more information and ordering your Agrinavia MOBILE app contact Per Andersen, tel. +45 7020 3311,