Buying Agrinavia means buying a strong support!

Support is certainly a big part of the Agrinavia portfolio. When buying an Agrinavia program or module, you can be sure to get help and guidance before purchase, during installation and not least after the program is up and running.

If you encounter problems or have questions regarding technique, facilities, regulations etc. you just call our support-team. There is no expiration date for using our support. We are available as long as you have Agrinavia subscriptions.

For many farmers this strong and lasting support is an important issue when deciding which IT management system to purchase and use. And so it should be. We want to make sure, that you get the absolute most out of your field program so you can optimize and develop your farm.

How to help you with Agrinavia?

We are always just a phone call away during the day. If you need a more detailed review or introduction, we will come to you, and of course you are always welcome to pay us a visit.

On our website you will find a subpage marked Support. Here you can receive online support. You will also find manuals and tutorials for the various programs.

Buying an Agrinavia program means, you are not only buying the software but most certainly also all the help you need during the use of the program.


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