‘Cluster’ now in the Agrinavia MOBILE App!

Working with ‘Clusters’ in the Agrinavia FIELD program gives you a better overview of your field planning as well as the actual work in the field. The Cluster facility enables you to merge large field areas into one (= Cluster). You can work with them as one field, when it comes to field planning, sowing, spraying, harvest and thus save time and resources.

Now an update in the facility gives you the possibility to work with Clusters not only on your PC in the office but also on your mobile phone using the Agrinavia MOBILE app. This means an improvement and a flexibility in how you use and work with Clusters. Standing in the field (or elsewhere) you can retrieve Cluster data directly from your mobile phone. This is a big help if for instance you are in doubt as to how you have merged the fields, what treatment they are to be subjected to as a unit or you wish to change the planned treatment.

Fields can be merged into ‘Clusters’ across farms, owners or crops. And if the farmer has several different fields, that are geographically far apart, these can be administratively merged into Clusters as well.

Benefits of working with ‘Cluster’ for you:

  • Save time
  • Efficient workflows
  • Better overview
  • More flexibility

These benefits can ultimately lead to a better economy on the farm.

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