Did You Know of Cluster? Easy Field Planning

Did you know that you can gather various fields in a Cluster and reduce several working processes? And did you know that you can exchange field data between Agrinavia MAP and CLAAS TELEMATIC software in the forage and combine harvester?

Cluster Fields Ensure Efficiency and Overview

‘Cluster’ means that you can merge several fields into one (= ‘Cluster’) in Agrinavia FIELD. For your convenience, we have already merged identical crop types into one type of clusters for you.

You work with them as one field, when it comes to field planning, fertilizing, spraying, sowing etc.

If you use Agrinavia MOBILE, you can change status and treatments/ quantities for all the fields in the cluster at the same time – on your mobile phone wherever you are! Working in the Cluster facility you see all your work in a cluster of fields on one page. On the same page, you can plan or edit treatments/jobs for all the fields at the same time.

How to use Clusters