Update of Agrinavia June

We are planning an update the Agrinavia programs on Tuesday, June 20th 2023.


The procedure for implementing new updates in the programs will change in the future. The first time it will take a little longer than usual, but afterwards it will be faster to implement program updates.

Agrinavia FIELD 

  • The login dialog has a new design.
  • Easy import of varieties in the field plan and under field plan/crops
  • Corrected error regarding ton/kg in Field records>Scenario>fertilizer>Calculate volume.
  • Corrected error when printing 48100.
  • New column for printout 34000.
  • Better signature for printouts.

Agrinavia MOBILE 

  • Analysis and yield data can now be presented with a color scale in the Map in MOBILE.
  • New design with the option to use a Grid when taking soil samples.
  • Search for a particular used Product and see the total quantity.
  • Minor improvements to the login dialog, observations, etc.

Agrinavia MAP 

  • No updates. Will be introduced in near future.

Because of the update, there will be limited access to Agrinavia MANAGEMENT and Agrinavia MOBILE between 05:00 and 08:00 (UTC+01)