Easy Online Field Registration with GPS

Yet another new module has been added to our Agrinavia MAP program, observation and registration of irregularities in the fields through GPS.

You now have the possibility to get access to your field maps from your mobile phone. Once having the access, you can use the mobile’s GPS to register and tell you exactly where you are located when standing in your fields. At the same time, you can register the irregularities you may observe.

This means that you right then and there can register your observation on your field map, you only have to enter the kind of irregularity observed; for instance rocks, weed population, what kind of weed, diseases, drainage.

Later you will know exactly where to return to in order to handle the 

How to get started

We offer this new online module to both Danish and international 
customers as a separate addition to those, who already work with our 
Agrinavia MAP program (free of charge). However, you can also purchase a package deal, in which both Agrinavia MAP and the GPS Observation Module are included.

You will find a technical user guide on our website: Agrinavia.com.