Bad news for weed

But fortunately very good news for Danish plant breeders   During Mai Agrinavia launches – in cooperation with the Danish company IPM Consult – a newly developed and ‘state of the art’ online tool that helps the farmer optimize his handling with weed in the fields. The name is IPMwise. Weed in the crops is a recurrent problem for[…]

Easy Online Field Registration with GPS

Yet another new module has been added to our Agrinavia MAP program, observation and registration of irregularities in the fields through GPS. You now have the possibility to get access to your field maps from your mobile phone. Once having the access, you can use the mobile’s GPS to register and tell you exactly where[…]

Use your Mobile Phone in the Field

Modern days farming includes the use of online programs and tools in  order to save money and resources and to stay competitive. Pen and paper soon belong to the past. Your mobile phone is the way forward. We can help you make the transition from pen and paper to online  registration and documentation very simple[…]

Optimize Your Field Mapping!

Better field mapping equals faster decision making and mapping from above is the best way to create a complete and useful overview. Agrinavia provides you with just that; now in terms of Google’s Hybrid Maps. With this new product, you can sit behind your desk and measure up your fields using the best technology available[…]

A Modern and Digital Overview

DRAIN MAPS AND DRONE PLANES The Danish companies Morel, Spectrofly and Datalogisk – each experts in their own field – have joined forces and are now offering Danish plant breeders digitization of their old paper drain maps – furthermore it will be possible to have access to the digital data on a mobile phone (via Agrinavia MOBILE[…]

Plant Convention January 2017 – Agrinavia is Sponsor

The Danish Plant Convention is an annual event, where most of the Danish plant industry get together to share know how, new developments and enjoy each other’s company. The event takes place Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 January in Herning, Denmark. Agrinavia being one of the Sponsors will attend and are looking forward to have[…]

Cadastrals – a new module

In the Polish version of our Agrinavia FIELD program, we have added a new module that provides you with the possibility to create and maintain the cadastrals of your farm in a Cardfile. Once you have done that, you are to choose which cadastrals and how much of the area belongs to each field. The[…]