Optimize Your Field Mapping!

Better field mapping equals faster decision making and mapping from above is the best way to create a complete and useful overview.

Agrinavia provides you with just that; now in terms of Google’s Hybrid Maps. With this new product, you can sit behind your desk and measure up your fields using the best technology available in this area.

If you are in fact using our online farm management tool Agrinavia MAP, 
you are well on your way. This online program already provides you with a 
number of clever and up to date solutions. However, as we always strive to 
excel, we added this new mapping feature to the program. 

10 key features and advantages for you:

  • Detailed background map, on which to draw your fields
  • The use of Ortophotos – taken from an airplane
  • Measuring your fields while sitting in your office
  • No need for GPS measuring on location
  • Access to maps and high-resolution photos
  • Addresses and street names automatically appear on the map
  • Efficient solution if your fields are located far from each other
  • Maps are covering the whole world
  • The maps are easy to print
  • Modern, efficient and easy online tool to optimize your field mapping.


How to get started

If you already use our program Agrinavia MAP – the online version – the new mapping feature is now integrated in your program free of charge. If you choose to purchase Agrinavia MAP the Google Hybrid Maps will be included. As always when buying an Agrinavia product we offer full service and 
support during and after installation.