A Modern and Digital Overview


The Danish companies Morel, Spectrofly and Datalogisk – each experts in their own field – have joined forces and are now offering Danish plant breeders digitization of their old paper drain maps – furthermore it will be possible to have access to the digital data on a mobile phone (via Agrinavia MOBILE app). This will save both working hours, money and important resources.

It is a recurrent problem for many farmers to spend too much time searching for old drains and wells in their fields. With the digitized maps, you can stand in your field and get an accurate overview – nice and easy. The farmer avoids the unhandy, old paper drain maps, which also take up space in the office.

Mapping of new drainpipes can be achieved by the use of a drone plane flying over your fields taking photos (Orto Photos), which then will be digitized and stored in for instance your Agrinavia FIELD MAP program together with the digitized data mentioned above – by either yourself or your consultant. All your data stored and available in one program.

With the new mapping technology comes a number of advantages in your everyday farm life, such as:

  • Accurate mapping
  • Save time and resources
  • Easy access to digitized maps
  • All your mapping data stored in one program (Agrinavia FIELD MAP)
  • Less paperwork.

Currently the mapping program is only available to Danish farmers. However, it is of course possible to purchase our Agrinavia FIELD MAP program as well as our Agrinavia MOBILE. 
For further information, please contact our Sales Adviser Per Andersen, e-mail: per.andersen@datalogisk.dk, tel: +457023311.