Harvest with Agrinavia – Knowledge and Accuracy

Would you like an efficient harvest based on knowledge, overview, and accurate figures?

Using Agrinavia field management to bring in the harvest, you can be sure to have overview, status, and documentation both during and after harvest time. Also, follow-up and further work and planning will be much easier and simple. All harvest data are stored and saved in one and the same program. This is as easy as it gets.

Useful harvest facilities for you:

  • GPS tracking facility in Agrinavia MOBILE – share your position

  • Crop stock facility in Agrinavia FIELD and MOBILE

  • Agrinavia MOBILE app for flexibility and results

Where are my colleagues? Use Agrinavia MOBILE!

During harvest time you are likely to have more colleagues than outside the harvest season. Knowledge as to where they are in the field improves and optimizes teamwork – and therefore also the harvest in general. You can achieve knowledge about your colleagues’ position in the field and share your own – all you must do is use the Agrinavia GPG tracking facility in the Agrinavia MOBILE app.

Once sitting in the tractor or harvester you open the MOBILE app and log your position, giving your co-workers the possibility to track your position and vice versa.

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Get a full and accurate overview of the crops harvested – Agrinavia Crop Stock

What, where and how much is harvested at any given time? And what is in stock?

Using Agrinavia MOBILE and the crop stock facility you and your co-workers can continuously and during the entire harvest time register and document the crops on the mobile phone. No numbers or crops will be forgotten, and it is the end of useless estimates. You will have overview and complete control of the stock.

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