Launching Agrinavia OPTIMIZER!

A new program is developed to save time in the field and reduce costs. Agrinavia OPTIMIZER* can be used both in the field as well as in the office to calculate the most optimal driving in the field, which means making the fewest turns and driving in the most ideal directions. The farmer is only to give information about tool width and the number of headlands.

The program is a module, that works together with Agrinavia MAP or Agrinavia MOBILE.

More than a field program

The first part of the OPTIMIZER product is now available on the Danish market. However, the program will be further developed. New functions and calculations will be added, all for the sake of optimizing the work and development on the farm.

Says Birger Hartmann VD: ’As a company it is important to us to offer such solutions to our customers. The Agrinavia programs of today should be able to do more than secure, that the farmer complies with requirements in terms of crops, handling of manure and plant protection.’

Agrinavia has launched several modules and extensions to the existing management programs, so that the farmer can further optimize the operations on his farm.

*The Agrinavia OPTIMIZER module was awarded a Agromek STAR for innovation and news value at Agromek Agricultural Exhibition 27-30 November 2018.