New Ownership to Create Digital Value for the Farmer

DLG invites SEGES as co-owner of the IT company Datalogisk. The goal is to continue the development of digital solutions for the benefit of the farmer.

One of the major providers of IT solutions for agriculture, Datalogisk A/S, is strengthening its digital services for the future. This is done by the owner of Datalogisk, DLG, welcoming the agricultural innovation house, SEGES, as co-owner.

SEGES is Denmark’s largest developer and operator of software for all branches of agriculture. Datalogisk currently offers several IT products to plant growers, of which the most well-known is Næsgaard MARK (int. Agrinaiva FIELD). The company primarily has customers in Denmark, but also has a larger customer portfolio in Sweden, Poland, and several Eastern European countries. Outside Scandinavia, Datalogisk’s products are known as Agrinavia.

The agreement means that with effect from 1 September 2020, SEGES will buy 60 percent of the shares in Datalogisk A/S. At the same time, it has been agreed that SEGES will take over the remaining 40 percent of the shares by the end of 2023. In the intervening period, DLG and SEGES have agreed to further develop the company.

Creates better results on the farm

Director of Datalogisk, Birger Hartmann, sees great potential in having SEGES in the ownership circle and says:

“It is good that we are now pooling our resources to develop and operate the IT solutions. For professional agriculture, it is crucial that the large amounts of data that are available in the sector can be linked together and processed so that users can improve the result – both in the field and financially. ”

The three partners, Datalogisk, DLG and SEGES, emphasize that it requires a solid financial foundation, strong competencies, and good partners to be able to be at the forefront of digital tools.

“Therefore, the expanded ownership will significantly strengthen the development of software and IT solutions for agriculture in the future,” says Birger Hartmann.

For SEGES, co-ownership is another step in developing and strengthening the broad collaboration on digital solutions in agriculture and the food cluster, with the aim of strengthening the farmer’s daily management and decisions.