Simple and Effective Precision Farming

There is an easy and simple way to achieve the many benefits of working smarter and more precise in your fields. It does not involve investing in highly expensive and heavy machinery. Creating application maps in the Agrinavia MAP program to import into the software of the fertilizer, sprayer or sowing machine is an effective and straightforward way to carry out precision farming.

The Overall Aim and Benefits of Precision Farming Are:

  • Better and less use of fertilizer, pesticides, seeds
  • Saving time
  • Saving resources
  • Better economy
  • Meeting regulations
  • Positive effect on the environment.

Creating the Application MAP

In Agrinavia MAP you create your application map and based on your knowledge of the conditions in the field (for instance from photos), you define, where and how much you wish to apply fertilizer, pesticides, or where to seed in the field. Once you have the application map complete, you export this to the different machinery. In this way your work is precise and customized to whatever the need may be in a specific area of a specific field.

Quick and Easy in Agrinavia MAP:

  1. Creating the application map
  2. Marking (coloring) where and how much to apply in the field
  3. Export the application map to the software of the fertilizer, sprayer, or sowing machine

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