Update of Agrinavia MANAGEMENT

News in this update:

Agrinavia FIELDS

  • The cluster facilities in the Field records dialog have been improved
  • Preselection facilities have been made for field records
  • Facilities in the Field plan dialog to show 13 years crop rotation
  • New reports for organic fertilizer
    • 48000 Stock of organic manure
    • 48100 Total manure production
    • 48200 Livestock and manure production
    • 48400 Stock management for organic manure
    • 49000 Documentation of sold organic manure
  • More smaller changes

Agrinavia Maps

  • New facilities to import and manage yield maps from CLAAS Telematics
  • Facilities to handle analysis maps has been optimized
  • More smaller changes

Agrinavia MOBILE

  • Facilities to create Job sheets on treatments
  • More smaller changes

Because of the update, there will be limited access to Agrinavia MANAGEMENT and Agrinavia MOBILE Tuesday, September 7th 2021 between 03:30 and 10:00 (UTC+01)