Update of Agrinavia July

We have planned to update the Agrinavia programs on Thursday, July 6th 2023.

Agrinavia Management 

  • Corrections to Job Sheet facility when printing (areas and products) 
  • Correction to ‘Remember last treatment date’ under Cluster facility, so that treatments are not created by default on April 1 (default)
  • Errors in connection with copying treatments between scenarios corrected
  • Correction in printout PL-40100 
  • Minor corrections and speed improvements 

Agrinavia MAP 

  • Corrections to ‘CLASS data exchange’ facility
  • Improved “Flow” when importing analyses and model maps 
  • A coordinate system must now be selected when creating a farm in the international version (does not apply to the Polish version) 
  • Correction of Shape and MIF/MID import 
  • It is now possible to use the program in Argentina

Agrinavia MOBILE

  • New prints for MOBILE 
  • Grid for Soil sampling can be used on fields without a field code
  • Some changes in Agrinavia MANAGEMENT/field plan are now visible in Agrinavia MOBILE without opening the field map program
  • Minor corrections

Because of the update, there will be limited access to Agrinavia MANAGEMENT and Agrinavia MOBILE between 05:00 and 09:00 (UTC+01)

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