Clever Harvest Solution – Crop Stock for Mobile

The busy harvest season is approaching. However, you still have time to get familiar with a few facilities in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. These will help you optimize time and resources during and after harvest. The Crop Stock facility is one of those solutions.

Registration, Documentation, and Overview

With the MOBILE app and Crop Stock facility you and your colleagues are able to register and document the crops on the mobile phone during harvest time. No number or crops are forgotten, and you do not have to rely on useless estimates and paper notes. You have knowledge and overview during and after the entire harvest season.

Try Crop Stock free of charge!

Do you wish to try Crop Stock on your mobile phone? You get free startup!

Save 300 Euros and pay only 210 Euros in subscription the first year. The offer is valid until 31 August 2023.

10 Advantages Using Crop Stock on the Mobile Phone:

  • Efficient overview
  • Always up to date knowledge of the stock
  • Access to data on the mobile phone
  • Enter and retrieve data anytime anywhere
  • The possibility of several users of the facility
  • Create your own or external stocks
  • The solution can be used together with Agrinavia FIELD
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Save time and resources
  • Increased value for the farmer

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