Agrinavia MOBILE – New App Icons

You can download the Agrinavia MOBILE app both from App Store and Google Play. Also, we have recently created new app icons making it easy to find the right version of the app, whether it be the Danish, Swedish, Polish, or international/English version. Marked with each their national flag they are easy recognizable – this goes for the Danish, Swedish and Polish version, whereas the international/English version is marked with a globe.

You can find the apps entering the search word Agrinavia, Datalogisk or Næsgaard.

Take Agrinavia MOBILE with you in the field

With Agrinavia MOBILE it is very easy to register all the work you do in the field. For instance, use your mobile phone’s GPS and camera to make records of weeds, rocks and drainage – “GPS Observation“.

You no longer need to remember to bring pen an paper, when you work in the field to fertilize, drill, spray etc. Daily working life has become much easier, when it comes to both overview, documentation and registration of work in the field.

For Agrinavia FIELD and Agrinavia MAP you can buy advanced MOBILE editions enabling you to enter data while standing in the field. You can also see already entered data on the spot, if for example you are wondering about a specific treament or orther relevant information.