Creating Job Sheets in Agrinavia MOBILE app

The Job Sheet module is the tool for easy planning, overview and assigning jobs, both in and outside the field. It optimizes working hours and overall production as well as being your guarantee, that every single job on the farm gets done.

Recent update of Agrinavia Job Sheets

Using the Agrinavia MOBILE app you can see your planned jobs directly on the mobile phone no matter where you are. If in doubt about a job just do a check in Job Sheets while standing in the field.

The recent update of Job Sheets provides you with the facility to create and change jobs directly on the mobile phone or tablet. If a new task occurs, and you want to assign this task using Job Sheets you do not have to go back to your PC to create the job. This is flexibility and it saves time.

Danish farmer Henrik Hjorth explains his everyday use of the module: ‘To keep track of all the job assignments, I am very fond of Job Sheets, as they provide an overview of each individual task. When it comes to spraying and fertilizing, I am 100 percent sure, I do not make mistakes.’

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