Says Danish Farmer Lars Nobel About the Use of Crop Stock and App

On the Island of Zealand, Denmark, you will find the farm ’Sorø St. Ladegård’. Owner Lars Nobel has 500 hectares of wheat, rape and grass seeds to manage. This year the various harvest data has been easy to register and save. An updated and quick overview the whole harvest season through optimizes both time and resources.

On ’Sorø St. Ladegård’ farm the days with slurred paper records and useless estimates during and after harvest are over. Lars Nobel and three of his employees have used a new and unique stock management app, that makes it possible to register all data on their mobile phones ‘on location’. For instance, out in the field and at the weighing. Furthermore, they can via the app retrieve and see the data entered any time any place.

Important overview

An effective and workable overview is according to Lars Nobel and his three employees exactly what they got using the new feature ‘Crop Stock’ in the Agrinavia MOBILE app. An app for smartphone and tablet that makes the crop stock management easier and more effective. ‘It is clearly an advantage for us to be able to enter and save our data in one and the same system and furthermore directly on the mobile phone’ Lars Nobel says and continues ‘using the mobile phone we can register while sitting on the tractor or the harvester. We don’t have to wait until we get back to the office, where follow-up and calculations can be difficult only from memory and paper notes’.

The crops can be registered on various different levels in the program. Once the crops have been transported from the fields the farmer can enter the exact amount at the weighing, he can enter in which field the crops are harvested and in which stock they are stored. For instance, wheat, barley or grass seeds stock. These stocks have been pre-entered in the system, however it is also possible to create and save a stock that is especially relevant for the individual farmer as well as external stocks.

Lars and his employees enter data each on their own mobile phone. This also means an optimized knowledge sharing on the farm. ‘We all know how much and which fields have been harvested as well as which crops are stored where’ emphasizes Lars Nobel, who has American silos placed in two different places. Earlier it was only the farm manager, who used Agrinavia MOBILE however, with this new possibility it is now the whole team.

Easy interface

The interface is user friendly and kept simple. It fulfills the practical needs that the farmer experiences on his farm. ‘It only takes about five minutes of learning to be able to use the app, it is easy and simple, which is very important during harvest season where time is money’ Lars Nobel points out.

There will be an ongoing development of the program, in order to ensure an optimized and contemporary product that streamlines the everyday work on the farm the best way possible.

’Our workflow is much better now, we save time and the follow-up after harvest is so much easier with the numbers already entered in the system, Lars Nobel summarizes.