Optimizing Your Harvest with Agrinavia MOBILE

Using the Agrinavia MOBILE app on your mobile phone, you will have accurate knowledge, overview, and documentation – all at the same time. This means the best management possible and ultimately a successful harvest.

These facilities in Agrinavia MOBILE are useful when harvesting:

Where are My Colleagues?

During harvest time you are likely to have additional colleagues. Knowledge as to where they are in the field improves teamwork and saves time.

You achieve knowledge about your colleagues’ position in the field and share you own (e.g., harvester and tractor transporting the grains) when using the GPS tracking. Once sitting in the tractor or harvester you open the MOBILE app and log your position, giving your colleagues the possibility to know where you are and vice versa.

How Much and Where is Harvested?

What, where and how much is harvested at any given time? And what is in stock? Using Agrinavia MOBILE and the Crop Stock facility you and your co-workers register and document the crops on mobile phone during the entire harvest time. This means you have precise numbers and can check stocks  anytime you wish.

How to Drive in the Field?

Using the OPTIMIZER facility on the mobile phone means you can calculate the most optimal driving in the field – making the fewest turns and driving in the most ideal directions. 

You only specify cutting table width and number of headboards. Download your Agrinavia MAP on your mobile phone and make your calculation.

Easy Yield Documentation – CLAAS and Agrinavia Connection

When using the data exchange facility between CLAAS TELEMATIC software and Agrinavia MAP, you will never have doubts as to where and how much is harvested in your fields. The CLAAS TELEMATIC software is installed in both the forage and combine harvester.

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